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Monday, February 25, 2008

How cruising Europe gives you the best value


How cruising Europe gives you the best value

Are you waffling on whether or not to take a Europe vacation considering the unfavorable Euro exchange rate?

Actually, it's a great time to visit "the continent" — on a cruise.

Here's why.

A cruise cushions you from the unfavorable Euro exchange rate by letting you pay for your vacation in U.S. dollars. That's a big difference compared to a land-based vacation that they'll have to pay for in Euros.

How big of a difference?

Depending on the cruise, you can save up to $326 per day compared to land-based travel.

You can enjoy a Europe cruise for as little as $120 per day, per person, which includes:

Accommodations (includes taxes and fuel supplement)
Transportation between cities
Food (breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks daily)
Entertainment, and more

What's more, if your clients choose as an example one of Holland America's 12-day ms Zuiderdam itineraries, you can even enjoy overnights onboard in Venice and Barcelona or Istanbul.

Altogether, a 12-day cruise visits up to 10 exciting cities compared to four cities on a typical land tour of the same length. Of course, a Europe cruise also means hassle-free traveling that includes spacious staterooms with no unpacking at each new destination.

So if you are on the fence about going to Europe this summer, jump off—and onto the cruise ship of your choice.

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