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Monday, March 31, 2008

How To Pick The Best Stateroom

Here's how to avoid picking a stateroom next to or near a noisy area, or where the motion or vibration of the ship may affect your rest.

Looking for a smooth ride? The majority of a ship's weight is from the center to the back. At the bow, the ship has to cut through the water. So, in bad weather if you are upfront, you are going to toss and turn more than others. Having a stateroom midship, may not be the smoothest ride.

The smoothest ride is about half way back from center, which is close to the true "center" point of the ship. If you're all the way at the back you will experience some vibration from the ship's engines and propellers. Also, some will tell you "the higher you are, the better the ride." It's just the opposite... the lower you are, the smoother the ride. Swing a pencil like a pendulum and you will see what we mean.

Want an oceanview stateroom. Oceanview can mean a porthole or two, a picture window, floor-to-ceiling bay window or a private balcony with a sliding glass door. The better the view, the higher the price.

Some staterooms are not worth it, no matter what the price. Staterooms just below the disco, next to an elevator, under the jogging track, or under a lounge as examples, should be avoided.

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