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Monday, May 12, 2008

Tips for making your cruise vacation blog

Tips for making your cruise vacation blog

• Enlist the kids to help create the blog. Blog providers allow you to customize the look of your blog. If you go on a cruise vacation, for instance, you could choose aqua as a background color.

• Give it a trial run. Try posting text entries, photos and videos a week or so before you leave for your trip. This will put you at ease with the process before you're at your destination.

• Take turns being the entry's creator. Each night of your cruise vacation, a different family member can be in charge of writing the post and choosing visuals. Set up the schedule in advance, so the writer will be thinking about fodder during the day's outings.

• Don't try to cover the entire day's itinerary. The blog then becomes too much of a list. Instead, delve into one high point, something interesting, funny or disastrous that happened.

• Include people and sites in each picture or video clip. If you are posting a photo on the Cruise Ship, for instance, be sure to get some of your family members in the foreground.

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