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Thursday, December 24, 2009

Cruise Direct Online Provides Tips and Resources to Help First-Time Cruisers Navigate The Web In Search Of Cruise Deals And Destinations

Cruise Direct Online Provides Tips and Resources to Help First-Time Cruisers Navigate The Web In Search Of Cruise Deals And Destinations.

The cruise industry "Wave Season" is in full swing. It's at time when more than 7 million web browsers will be looking for cruise tips, advice, destination information and where to find the best cruise deals. It's the busiest time of the year for booking cruises. Many of whom will find most Travel Agents swamped with phone calls and a backlog of e-mails to answer. So, Cruise Direct Online has created a 16 page online guide for first-time cruisers to research cruise destinations and find some of the best cruise deals on the web without having to navigate through hundred's of web sites to find what they want. "All About Cruising - Ask The Experts" Guide takes visitors to 16 of the world's most desirable destinations, provides background information on each locale, detailed city guides to get around, and what cruise lines go there.

Cruise ships visit nearly 300 ports of call, in some of the world's most breathtaking locations. From the rugged beauty of Alaska and Canada/New England to the charm of Europe. There's the lush landscapes of Mexico, the Caribbean, the Panama Canal, Bermuda, and the Bahamas. Also, Hawaii, Australia, New Zealand, Asia, and South America, plus the guide gives you even more amazing exotic spots to choose from. Visiors just pick their dream destination, find out more about it and get ready to set sail! Visitors can use the handy Cruise Calendar to see all of the ships they can sail on, and sailing dates. Visitors can ask cruise experts Raye & Marty Trencher questions about cruising, such as "Where can I Go?, What's It Like? Who's It For?" or comment about the articles, content, and features found in the guide. In addition, there are handy links to travel-provider web sites to find the perfect cruise and the best deals. So, if travelers are cruising for the first time, and need added guidance to safely navigate the web for travel information, Cruise Direct Online is worth a visit. They call themselves 'The Cruise Traveler's Ultimate Search Engine" and with this new information, it's easy to see why. Cruise DIrect Online is celebrating it's tenth year on the web in 2010.

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