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Monday, December 14, 2009

Why Cruise Alaska?

Why Cruise Alaska?

For drama and beauty, few places anywhere in the world can match the splendor of Alaska. And few things can provide a richer, more comprehensive Alaskan experience than an Alaska cruise or cruisetour. At each port, you'll discover riches of another kind as we introduce you to the cultural and historical wonder that makes Alaska one of the most exciting destinations you'll ever encounter.

Standing at the edge of a rainbow field of wildflowers, you admire nature's quiet and epic majesty. Then, something stirs - a rustling in the brush as a huge moose rises from rest and wanders off. A moment like this could only happen in Alaska. Welcome to the Great Land.

You never forget them - the vivid impressions from your first visit to Alaska. A 10-story crystal-blue river of ice in Glacier Bay National Park, icebergs calving into the tidewater with a thunderous crack. The spectacular and untamed wildlife, from a nesting eagle high in a Sitka spruce to a family of brown bears foraging along a rocky beach. Your first glimpse of the soaring, silent magnificence of Mt. McKinley. It's everything you ever imagined - and all you traveled so far to see. This is one of life's greatest adventures. One you'll want to plan carefully so you don't miss a thing.

And the 2010 season offers some of the best opportunities ever for experiencing the Great Land, by land and sea. From thrilling voyages on large and small ships to cruisetours featuring exclusive glass domed traincars. Reasoning suggests that more glass means better viewing, so when  they designed these traincars they had one goal in mind: to make them the  most luxurious and spacious glass-domed traincars in Alaska. Guests enjoy wide leather reclining seats. And you won't miss a single view while  sampling Alaskan cuisine onboard. Enjoy the ride as you pass waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, lakes, wildlife and an abundance of fauna and foliage. You should head to the Observation Platform for some fresh Alaska
air. Perhaps to get a closer view of a moose in the wild. Visit the Certified Alaska Experts at who offer you a wide variety of options to one of travel's greatest destinations.

Get the Most Out of Every Moment. Go Beyond the Sea.

A Cruisetour to Alaska is truly the best of both worlds.You'll enjoy the personal attention and lavish onboard amenities that make a cruise such a delightful way to experience the Alaskan coastline. On an escorted or hosted multi-night land journey, you'll travel onboard luxurious glass-domed traincars, discovering the interior at its most beautiful and its most authentic. There are over 98 Cruisetours to Alaska, offered by 4 cruise lines: Princess, Holland America, Royal Caribbean and Celebrity, each of which allows you to stay in lodging that reflects Alaska's character and history, from deluxe hotels to old-time lodges. And on escorted tours
throughout your adventure you'll be accompanied by a Tour Director, who will serve as both guide and personal concierge.

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