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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cruise Express Technology Advances Internet Cruise Search. Faster, relevant and more personal interaction equals better results.

Cruise Express Technology
Advances Internet Cruise Search.
Faster, relevant and more personal interaction
equals better results.

Up until now, finding a great cruise deal could take hours, if not days browsing all over the Internet, calling a half a dozen cruise lines or visiting your neighborhood travel agent spend hours searching for the perfect cruise. A perfect cruise that's not only priced right, but one that fulfills your vacation dream.
Just searching for a Caribbean cruise can be chore. Do I do a Western itinerary, Southern or Eastern itinerary. Should I risk sailing during hurricane season. When is the best time to cruise, and is it also the best time to save the most money? To find out, you would have to check dozens of web sites, and you’d have to check numerous date ranges to find the best cruise deals. Hours of tedious work.! Don't most of us take a vacation to get away from work!
Now, Cruise Direct Online, The Ultimate Cruise Traveler's Search Engine takes the work out of searching. Eliminating hours of work with a process that takes just a few short minutes.
Most travel sites show sample prices, often based on the cheapest inside cabin on a ship. Few show you a lower price, based on where you live. The industry calls them resident rates. Likewise you may not see rates for seniors, family discounts or military rates. Most sites don't post all the promotional and discounted fares cruise lines offer. Rates can change almost daily and many sites don't update their content to match the most up-to-date offers.
Prices shown often reflect what you don't want (an inside cabin as opposed to a one with a balcony) at a price that looks too good to be true. So the price you see is almost always higher than that "displayed" price.
You know what happens: You see a "7 Night Cruise to Alaska for $499 per person"… click on the link only to discover that the quoted price is only good for the first week in May, ( August is twice the price! ). The price does not include airfare, port charges or government fees, shipboard gratuities or cab fare from the airport to the pier and back. The airfare quoted from the cruise line is way too high, so you search all over the internet looking for a cheap airfare. Low and behold! The price you will have to pay is higher, much higher than $499!
Sometimes the price is enticing, but the destination is not. You may not know enough about the ports-of-call the ship visits. You don't know what accommodation onboard to pick. What cabin locations to avoid. What value do you get for your money? We know that a number of our guests want help and advice, they may be looking for tips on how to pack, what to see and do, and when to do it. So while the technology is impressive, the service is too. Travelocity provides personalized help 24/7.

How you ask?
At Cruise Direct Online, we are members of the Travelocity Partner Network. Travelocity's discount cruise engine provides online cruise availability and real-time booking functions, allowing you to compare a number of different cruise lines at once. It features 360-degree virtual ship tours, deck plans, cabin layouts, and facts about destinations and ports of call. You have the ability to make instant reservations online and have access to a 24/7 call center for reservations and customer service.
You can even enter your zip code to see just the cruises that offer a discounted resident rate, or tell the system you are a senior, and in seconds you can view all the senior specials. Choose from over 40 of the most popular cruise destinations. Find cruises that leave close to home, last minute cruise deals and read an extensive library of customer and Cruise Critic reviews. All, without spending hours traveling all over the Internet.

Advanced Cruise Finder® search program
Instant online cruise booking
Over 18 cruise lines featured
Direct access to extensive inventory and low rates
Virtual 360° ship tours, deck plans and cabin layout
Personal cruise planner
Seasonal specials and repositioning cruises
Facts about destinations and ports of call
Details on shore excursions
FAQ and in-depth cruise resources
Up-to-date articles and tips on cruising
Driving directions and travel tips
24/7 call center for reservations and customer service

A Sea Of Choices.....
All major cruise line brands are featured, like Carnival, Celebrity, Cunard, Disney, Holland America, Norwegian,  Princess, Regent Seven Seas, Royal Caribbean, Silversea, and more. Luxury, themed and specialty cruises are also available!

Find out more about Travelocity Partner Network's Cruise Search

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