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Sunday, December 12, 2010

Breaking News: Warm Blue Seas Cure Common Winter Cold!

Breaking News:

Warm Blue Seas Cure Common Winter Cold!

by Raye & Marty Trencher
Cruise Traveler Magazine
Right about this time many of us are tired of the winter cold, and shoveling mounds of snow. We have a touch of "cabin fever" and yearn for warmer temperatures. If we could, we would would run off to the Caribbean, Hawaii, Mexico or the South Seas--anywhere the temperature was warm and you didn't have to fight your way through the next snow storm! We are looking for a way to get away. Now.
So what's the cure for Winter Cold and Cabin Fever?
Look for "Winter Cruise Deals" and you will find a perfect warm weather vacation experience. You might even come home with a tan, in the middle of Winter!  Your neighbors will no doubt be jealous.
There are over 300 cruise ships sailing in warm waters this winter and the over abundance of cruise ships, large or small, means lower prices until the these ships move on to places like Europe, Asia or Alaska in the Spring. With all of these cruise ships, many of the cruise lines are featuring new and different itineraries, home ports, and destinations.
If you really want a bargain, now is the time to book a cruise. During Wave Season ( January through March ), cruise lines put out their most attractive offers, looking to get as many people committed to sail during the new year. You can also wait until after the rush is over to see if rates will go down again in April or May. Your choice of the best accommodations and locations on the ship will be limited. But, if you don't mind where you are sleeping on the ship, a last minute cruise deal may be just the thing for you.
Bargains seem to be everywhere. The Caribbean and the Bahamas are popular choices, with many seven-day cruises going to the eastern and western Caribbean, for as low as $399 per person, based on double occupancy and three, four and five-day weekend getaways to the Bahamas abound for as low as $159! Now these are for inside cabins. Ocean view, Balcony, Mini-suite and suites cost more. For those on the western coast of the United States or Canada, the Mexican Riviera and Baja are a good choice.
And If you want get away for more than a week this winter, it is summertime south of the equator.  Think about South America, Australia, or the South Pacific. You can't get much further away from Winter's cold than in Bora Bora, French Polynesia! We know, we've been there on a Windstar cruise. Absolutely the best!
So, the prescription for curing the Winter Cold... Warm blue seas, tropical islands and a rum punch. Works better than chicken soup.

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