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Wednesday, April 06, 2011

National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Month

National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Monthtm
New National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Monthtm encourages travelers to use the services of a Professional Certified Alaska Travel Expert to help plan their Alaska Dream Cruise Vacation.

What is it?

National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Month is a free service which connects consumers shopping for an Alaska Cruise or Alaska Cruisetour vacation experience, to highly skilled and certified travel agents who specialize in Alaska destinations and Alaska Cruises and Cruisetours tailored to consumer preferences.

National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Month lets consumers bring the help and expertise of a travel professional to the planning process based on the accommodations, activities and level of adventure cruisers seek both onboard and ashore.

Use the free tools and discover amazing Alaska cruise travel opportunities for your friends and family. Find your Alaska dream vacation by consulting a Certified Alaska Cruisetour Expert Today.

Why you need Certified Alaska Travel Expertstm to help you plan your Alaska Cruise or Cruisetour?

If you're searching for the best Alaska cruise deals, you will need to browse through a lot of stuff to find what you're looking for these days on the internet. This is especially true with regards to planning an Alaska Cruise or Cruisetour vacation.

In addition to knowing the "Where and Why Now of Alaska" cruising, many Alaska sailings offer exclusive bonus extra's like onboard spending cash, free cabin upgrades, and more. Certified Alaska Travel Experts can find those special rates and some rates you may not of though about, like discounts based on residency, age or past cruising experience.

Only Alaska Certified Travel Agents are experts and have the ability to save you not only time and money, but can relieve you of all the stress, and hassles, associated with vacation planning! They can help you with everything from planning to packing, from discount rates to departure dates, virtually everything you need to know about Alaska and Alaska cruises and cruise tours. They can find great Alaska cruise deals for you. They know where, when, and how to get them.

Not only have they "been there and done that", they are Certified by the the Alaska Travel Industry Association as Experts in travel to Alaska and are Certified Alaska Cruise and Cruisetour Experts. Trained and focused on the newest Alaska destinations and the most exciting ship and land experiences to Alaska available in 2012.

During National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Month take advantage of their expertise when planning your next Alaska dream vacation!

More often than not, Certified Alaska Travel Experts can not only match or beat the price you find online, but can usually provide added value! The bottom line is that travel professionals are just that, professionals -- Contact one of our Alaska Travel Experts today.

Month-Long Event Planned

It’s more important than ever to plan ahead.  So, a new month-long event sponsored by Alaska Cruisetours Online has been registered – National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Month.

To occur annually during the Months of October ( for the upcoming summer season ) and May ( for the following year ), this bi-annual event is aimed at encouraging travelers to take an Alaska cruise or Cruisetour vacation with the help of Certified Alaska Travel Experts.

National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Monthtm is scheduled for May 1 -31, 2011, and then again, October 1-31, 2011.  The timings coincide with an important booking window when many vacation travelers should be planning their Alaska summer vacation plans.

Several million consumers request travel offers via email or online each year.  However, ultimately, it is the valuable advice, guidance and first-hand "been-there, done that" experience that Certified Alaska Travel Experts
are able to share with travelers that matters most. Furthermore, these professional agents know how to get the most value for your hard-earned vacation dollar and have extra leverage dealing with the cruise lines, so they can more often then not, get a great price for you and your family.

National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Month has the winning combination of Certified Alaska Travel Experts from Alaska Cruisetours Online working hand-in-hand with Princess, Holland America, Royal Caribbean, Celebrity, NCL, Carnival, and Regent Seven Seas Cruises, to provide the traveler with a great Alaska cruise experience.

To support National "Plan Your Alaska Cruise Vacation" Month, Alaska Cruisetours Online, a leading Alaska Cruise and Cruisetour specialist, has developed and sponsored the program.
Visit their web site:

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