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Saturday, November 05, 2011

New website gives consumers an edge. Travelers can now compare shore excursion prices and details side-by-side between 4 top sightseeing operators and all the major cruise lines.

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New website gives consumers an edge. Travelers can now compare shore excursion prices and details side-by-side between 4 top sightseeing operators and all the major cruise lines.

Travel Direct announced a new web site: targeted to consumers who want to shop for the best deals on sightseeing tours for ports of call that their cruise ship visits.

Shore Excursions (aka Sightseeing Tours, or Shore Tours ) are one-day tours offered in various port cities, and include many options for adventure and entertainment when you reach a port of call. They are a great way to enhance a guests cruise experience while seeing more of the ports on their cruise.

At Shore Tour Deals, consumers will find a wide variety of exciting, appealing, and enriching shore excursions at prices, in most cases, lower than those of the cruise lines.

Consumers who are looking for independent shore excursions as an alternative to the cruise line high prices and crowded tours, can research, and compare over 5500 Shore Tour Deals in one place. Real-time Shore Tour Deals can be booked online and in most cases, consumers will pay less than the cruise lines, as much as 50% less.  Shore Tour Deals offers the Ultimate Guide to Discounted Shore Excursions for Cruise Line Ports-Of-Call such as the Caribbean, Alaska, Canada and New England, Europe, MediterraneanHawaii, Mexico and Mexican Riviera, Panama Canal and Bermuda.  Consumers can find and book top Shore Excursions worldwide. Consumers can get exclusive discounts on the most popular shore excursions without the hassle of searching all over the Internet.

Browse By Port, Cruise Ship, Departure Date and Duration.

Consumers can shop thousands of destination activities, and pre and post cruise things to do!  Each port features tours that appeal to diverse interests. Whether they enjoy history, nature, adventure or simply sightseeing, here consumers can learn more about the 300+ ports All The Top-Brand Cruise Lines visit each year, as well as key points of interest, favorite activities and the full range of independent shore excursions offered by 4 shore excursion experts to help consumers explore. Travelers can compare prices side-by-side and choose the shore excursion that's right for their family.
Shore Excursions - Consumers Save up to 50% off typical Cruise Line prices.

While other web sites sell cruises and other forms of travel, Shore Tour Deals focuses on the expertise of 4 shore excursion experts and offers multiple choices, so consumers can select the highest quality shore excursions delivered by local experts at a price to fit just about any budget. Since these companies are not like a cruise line, focused on a revenue producing and profit maker, such as shore excursions, independent sightseeing and shore excursion firms allow you to travel in much smaller groups offering a more personalized experience often at a better price.

In fact, for groups of 4 or more, travelers can usually arrange a private shore excursion for less than the cost of a large cruise line tour. The site also offered a large number of unique cruise excursions that cannot be purchased from the cruise line. 

To help consumers navigate the Shore Tour Deals web site, consumers can use the web site's Cruise Shore Excursion Comparison Shopping Tool to compare shore excursion rates and details at companies such as Shoretrips, Shore Excursions Group, Port Promotions, or Viator.  The site even includes links to the cruise line's own sightseeing tour listings so consumers can compare cruise line prices to the independent tour operators.  Travelers can view shore excursions based on a number of criteria, depending upon the company chosen. Consumers can view excursion types, sizes, small group excursions, scenic, cultural and shore excursions for very active people.

"Our goal is to provide access to exceptional travel experiences to cruise passengers in the ports they visit around the world. To accomplish this, we have gathered four of the most experienced sightseeing tour operators, who have compiled an exceptional array of tours delivered by local experts with decades of experience serving travelers and delivering excellent tours" says Marty Trencher of Shore Tour Deals.  "We're Introducing a whole new way to finding shore tour, shore trip and excursion deals when shopping for a cruise. These companies are experts in providing exceptional shore excursions. They understand that in today's fast paced world, vacations have become an increasingly important way to relax, reconnect with family and friends, and experience new and interesting places. With this in mind, they provide the highest quality tours by performing extensive research, site inspections, and detailed reviews. While other companies also offer excursions, we strongly believe you should check these four companies out and determine for yourself, if their expertise and approach set them apart. The large cruise lines sell shore excursions - typically in very large groups visiting high traffic sites. These companies focus on smaller groups visiting more interesting and authentic locations using more personalized local operators. While the cruise lines are experts in delivering cruises, these companies are experts in delivering shore excursions." he added.

Consumers can find more information at the companies shore excursions web site;  Shore Tour Deals is part of a family of travel-related web sites, such as Cruise Direct Online, Cruise Reviews Online and Cruise Traveler Magazine, all part of Travel Direct Corporation.

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