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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Signal at sea - Travel Weekly

Signal at sea - Travel Weekly

Clients book cruise vacations because they want to relax, visit interesting destinations and have fun. But that doesn't mean they won't stay connected to family and friends while they're away.

Many expect to tweet, text, check email and post pictures to social media sites from the middle of an ocean.

Indeed, the number of iPads, iPhones and other Web-enabled mobile devices in use by passengers at a shipboard lounge often matches the number of rum punches and martinis on the bar.
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WiFi costs per minute

Each cruise line has its own per-minute prices for Internet service. Below is a sample of prices cruisers will pay to connect on the high seas:
Carnival Cruise Lines
• 45 minutes: $29
• 120 minutes: $59
• 240 minutes: $89
• 360 minutes: $159
• Rate without a prepaid package: 75 cents per minute

Crystal Cruises
• 120 minutes: $50
• 600 minutes: $200
• 1,500 minutes: $300
• Rate without a prepaid package: 74 cents per minute

Cunard Line
• 120 minutes: $47.95
• 240 minutes: $89.95
• 480 minutes: $167.95
• Rate without a prepaid package: 75 cents per minute

Royal Caribbean International
• 60 minutes: $35
• 100 minutes: $55
• 150 minutes: $75
• 250 minutes: $100
• 500 minutes: $150
• Rate without a prepaid package: 65 cents per minute

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Blogger Dianne Grover said...

Obviously, the price range for WiFi usage has really skyrocketed just to meet two benefits: to provide cloud inter-connectivity to passengers offshore, and to provide extra profit means to the owner. Since both parties enjoy the benefits of the facility including the
marine paneling , the prices are then reasonable at least in a way.

11:41 PM  

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