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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Cruise Reviews Online Launches New Web Site And Reveals New Cruise Line Satisfaction Rankings Index

Cruise Reviews Online launches new web site and reveals new Cruise Line Satisfaction Rankings Index

Cruise Reviews Online, A fair, unedited and unbiased resource of cruise reviews, ratings, rankings, cruise line and cruise ship reviews re-launched their web site today and revealed their new proprietary index, called the Cruise Line Satisfaction Rankings Index to help consumers objectively compare cruises.

The Cruise Ship Satisfaction Rating Index is the industry's most comprehensive and objective ship rating system. Cruise Reviews Online choose to use actual cruise traveler experiences, submitted by consumers and cruise experts on today's most popular cruise ships rather than the more well known subjective 'star-rating' system, where some web sites label cruise ships with a certain number of stars to represent the onboard level of services, amenities and ports-of-call that a cruise ship offers. The Cruise Ship Satisfaction Rating Index provides cruise travelers with a more comprehensive and objective process that allows them to make better choices when it comes to planning their cruise vacation.

The Cruise Ship Satisfaction Rating Index provides consumers with tools that can help them get the most value and fun for their cruise vacation in a number of ways. First, it allows them to research their cruise vacation options by presenting a comprehensive list of ships ranked and reviewed by real people like them, people who have actually cruised, not anonymous users. Second, it's objective. Cruise lines can't pay to be on Cruise Reviews Online. Before they're are posted, all cruise reviews are checked in order to guard against cruise lines that try to report on themselves or their competitors, by using past guests and offering incentives to write favorable reviews. Cruise Reviews Online, is a website that's all about advice from others who have had cruise vacations and want to share their experience, good or bad with you.

The obvious benefit to the consumer is that the Cruise Ship Satisfaction Rating Index goes beyond just price and allows consumers to immediately identify cruises that are potentially great travel experiences.  Once consumers have narrowed down their choices, they can then search for the best possible price.  While cruises are often advertised based on a lead-in low price, price is rarely the driving force when making a cruise vacation purchase decision.  Consumers need to sort out which cruise ships, itinerary, amenities and ship board experiences represent the best balance of price and satisfaction. 

The Cruise Ship Satisfaction Rating Index, a truly comprehensive and objective tool, helps consumers to make that choice.

Cruise Reviews Online differentiates itself from most cruise vacation sites, as it presents a wealth of information about destinations, shore excursions, cruise lines, and ships. At Cruise Reviews Online cruise travelers gain insight into the world of cruising with help from travel and cruising experts as well as seasoned travelers and first time cruisers.
At Cruise Reviews Online consumers find...
  • Detailed reviews on cruise lines, cruise ships, cruise destinations, shore excursions and more.
  • Fresh takes and reality checked cruise reviews from Cruise Reviews Online signature lineup of contributing editors.
  • Social networking tools, along with Twitter and Facebook to collect, share and network with other cruise enthusiasts about their cruise travel experiences.
  • Ratings and reviews for over 24 name brand cruise lines and ships. Literally thousands of first-hand cruise reports.
  • Over 8,700 sailings ,350 cruise ships ,24 major name brand cruise lines ,1,600 deck plan images ,2,500 itinerary maps ,hundreds of detailed port descriptions.
  • Thousands of in-depth consumer authored Cruise Reviews, Cruise Ship Ratings and Rankings.
  • Professionally -written reviews and editorial content by staff travel writers.
  • Person-to-person assistance and help if you need it. Consumers can get get help and cruise tips from Cruise Vacation Critics - Raye and Marty Trencher, editors of of the online Cruise Traveler Magazine.
Cruise Reviews Online is a community for all things cruise from the world of land and sea packages, cruises, cruise tours and travel destinations worldwide. Before Cruise Reviews Online, selecting the best cruise line, cruise ship, destination and itinerary was like fishing in the vast ocean without the right rod, reel and bait. Those who write cruise reports on Cruise Reviews Online have helped thousands make informed, educated decisions about what's best for their cruise vacation. And best of all the advice is free. There are no membership fees or other costs to access all the cruise reviews.

Cruise Reviews Online is one of the world's most comprehensive, objective and definitive resources for unedited, unbiased information.   A great place on the Internet to tap into the opinions and collective know-how of fellow travelers so you can make faster, more informed decisions. Since it's inception, over 1 Million consumers have checked Cruise Reviews Online Cruise Reports before they set sail.

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