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Thursday, August 16, 2012

Cruise Reviews Online Adds "Verified" Cruise Ship Reviews

Cruise Reviews Online Adds "Verified" Cruise Ship Reviews 
Consumers can read vetted and verified comments and reviews from cruise travelers that share their interests.

Cruise Reviews Online®, one of the world’s leading online cruise ship review sites, today announced a new cruise ship reviews feature, a new program that features verified cruise reviews, with greater relevancy to prospective cruise travelers. Cruise Reviews Online features some of the most comprehensive fair, unedited and unbiased reviews of hundreds of cruise ships, from over 30 cruise lines, submitted by consumers and cruise experts on today's most popular cruise ships.

Verified cruise ship reviews ensure the validity of cruise traveler reviews, including ensuring that the cruise ship reviews are posted by cruise travelers who have booked and sailed the cruise ship they reviewed.

Cruise Ship Reviews should come from real people, people who have actually cruised, not anonymous users. Before they're posted, all cruise reviews are checked in order to guard against cruise lines that try to report on themselves or their competitors, by using past guests or offering incentives to write favorable reviews. Cruise travelers can filter and sort reviews in a rich, interactive environment. Cruise Ship reviewers can include their own photos in their review, adding a more personal touch to their commentary.

"The key to a great cruise experience is information, and this site is your top choice for thorough advice - all the cruise lines, cruise ships and ports of call - for just about every destination. Independent traveler reviews cover a lot more than you'll find on any cruise line's web site. Their comments can save you from booking a cabin over the disco, or which ship really has the best dining experiences. Tip: Look for articles for first time cruisers, tips for families, singles or couples and before-you-sail advice."

About Cruise Reviews Online
Cruise Reviews Online® is one of the most recognized leading resources for fair and objective cruise reviews and a social networking site focused on information about cruise travel. A cruise traveler social network with thousands of cruise ship reviews, sailing dates, ship information, 2258 ports-of-call and special cruise deals and offers from over 30 cruise lines. Cruise Reviews Online also features fresh takes and reality checked cruise reviews from Cruise Reviews Online signature lineup of contributing editors.

At Cruise Reviews Online, cruise travelers get recommendations from people they can trust. Sharing their travel experiences with family, friends and colleagues.

Cruise Review Online readers interact, they don't just read reviews. Cruise travelers can now sort reviews by cruise line, cruise ship, ranking or rating, date submitted, and share their own reviews and others using their friend-sourced capability. Cruise Reviews Online lets consumers help a friend or family member have an amazing cruise vacation experience in a location, like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and more than 25 other social media sites that readers are familiar with and passionate about. Many cruise review sites tend to crowd everyone together, as many of these sites are built on the concept of crowd sourcing.  The people at Cruise Reviews Online believe these web sites offer too much information. Who could possibly sort through 50,000 anonymous cruise reviews. That's way too much information to figure out what cruise line, cruise ship and itinerary match the consumer's need.

So, all their cruise ship reviews and editorial content,  feature friend sourcing. The idea is to help cruise travelers get trusted and personal advice by tapping into their friends and people with like interests.  Website content is displayed to allow consumers to interact with the content. Readers can post their comments to articles, "vote" on reviews, even become a "Fan" of an article so that a link to the article will appear on their Personalized Cruise Page. This interactivity sets Cruise Reviews Online apart from other review sites. Consumers looking to price out a cruise can respond to an article (cruise review) by submitting a Quote Request Form. Friend sourcing technologies make it very easy for readers to share content with their friends and colleagues. Every review and article, as well as ship and cruise line information pages, have a "Share" button that allows for content to be placed on over 25 social networking sites.  Visitors can print and email content pages as well.

Cruise Reviews Online also features a "How I Rate This Review " feature, where readers can comment and express their opinion of the review, add their perspective and cruise experience and express if the review has been helpful.  

More information can be found at their web site:

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