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Saturday, September 08, 2012

Have you made any exciting cruise travel plans yet?

Have you made any exciting cruise travel plans yet?

Every year millions of people anticipate their cruise vacations: taking a break from work, experiencing new places, checking items off their bucket list or reconnecting with family members.
To help you plan the perfect cruise vacation, you should get together with a 21st century cruise travel advisor. Knowledgeable professionals that play a huge role in the cruise industry, responsible for 90 percent of all bookings.

Did you know?
Cruises directly contribute $40 billion to the U.S. economy each year and support 350,000 jobs.

Did you know that using a crusie travel advisor will not cost you more money. 

As a matter of fact, a professional travel advisor can leverage their strong relationships with cruise lines, and hotels to save you money. Advisors have exclusive access to early booking discounts, special fares, hotel deals and travel advisories. Beyond cost savings, travel advisors can also help you get more for your money. Their professional network enables them to negotiate for cabin upgrades and value-added benefits like shipboard credits to your account, even a bottle of wine waiting in your cabin when you board.

As an example, if your planning on cruising Alaska, you should seek out the advice from a Certified Alaska Cruise Expert, one of an exclusive group of travel agents who are recognized by The Alaska Travel Industry Association and say, Princess cruise line as a Certified Alaska Cruise Expert, earning that distinction for their unique qualifications and knowledge as Alaska cruise planning professionals. Similar cruise travel experts focus on a variety of cruises lines that sail such destinations as the Caribbean or Europe.

Cruise travel advisors can also arrange exclusive shore excursion experiences, from tee times on the golf courses normally closed to the public, to after-hours tours of the Sistine Chapel, to a lunch table at the impossible-to-get-into hotspot. Behind the scenes your cruise travel advisor is dotting all the I’s and crossing the T’s.

They verify travel dates; arrange transportation on the ground; confirm reservations prior to your arrival; and can provide assistance with travel insurance protection, passport and visa applications, and other foreign travel requirements.

For many travel agents who specialize in cruise vacations, cruise bookings make up most of their sales. Their familiarity with the cruise lines and ships helps identify the appropriate ship for a client’s travel needs and arrange a comfortable stateroom. They can also help with flight and ground transportation logistics to get you to and from the port.
Despite the growth of do-it-yourself travel booking websites, travel agency bookings accounted for a third of the $284 billion United States travel market.
To stay competitive, many travel advisors specialize in niche markets, like group cruisetours, meetings at sea, senior citizens or have region-specific expertise. If you don’t have a cruise travel advisor yet, the best way to find a good one is to get recommendations from friends or family. Most cruise travel advisors are looking to build long-term relationships and will listen attentively to your needs to tailor a cruise vacation that suits you best.
If you are planning on traveling on the high seas, call a cruise travel advisor to book your next cruise. You’ll find that his or her expertise is invaluable for making your cruise vacation as relaxing, or exhilarating, as you dreamed it would be.
Research Source: CLIA

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