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Monday, January 06, 2014

Not all travelers want to be their own travel agents

In an article in USA TODAY ( 1/6/14 ) titled "Not all travelers want to be their own travel agents", the writer points out that the Internet is " flooded with with websites" that let travelers be their own travel agent. But, one traveler said " no matter how good the website or app, the value of a deeply connected travel agent...makes for nice peace of mind".  We could not agree more.

Many travel suppliers including airlines, hotels and cruise lines offer telephone support. However that support may be serviced by offshore call centers or robotic call attendants. Often these service centers do not have experienced " well traveled "personnel, nor can they assign a single travel advisor to help with the planning of your trip. And they have no way to provide an agent that can stay with you through the entire process, before, during and after you have come home from your vacation. When it comes to complex travel needs such as adventure travel, or cruising, the experience and skills of trained travel professional are invaluable.

This is especially true if you are planning a cruise.

Travel agents provide intelligent recommendations and Information, often from Certified Cruise & Cruise Tour Experts. Representing the next generation of experience and know-how, they help you plan the perfect cruise vacation.

Take cruising in Alaska as an example:  Alaska is all about inspiration and lasting memories. Say Alaska and a variety of images and impressions come to mind: towering mountains, watchable wildlife, icy blue glaciers, endless wilderness, vibrant Native culture, leaping salmon, hardy outdoors; America's last frontier. Often, visiting Alaska has as much to do with what people may feel as with what they will see. There is a mystique that surrounds Alaska. To some it represents a dream, a trip of a life time, a life altering event, a chance to reach out and touch something inside themselves that is wild and beautiful like they imagine Alaska to be.

A travel agent's job is to put that dream - or as much as possible of it - within reach of you. And a travel agent's job is to help travelers navigate their way through all the choices, and options available before they set off -and, crucially, by acting as a reference point when planning your trip, helping you find your way.

Then, they provide intelligent recommendations and reviews, thus limiting the amount of confusing and contradictory information you may have before you.

In essence, it's all about helping people make the most of an unfamiliar place. Meeting travelers’ differing needs.

You visit the mega sites, those that sell everything from car rentals to cruises and have huge telemarketing call centers, if you want a one-size-fits-all impersonal approach. You visit Certified Cruise & Cruise Tour Experts if you want to take advantage of their years of  travel experience (i.e. from people you can trust) and know-how to help you plan the perfect cruise vacation.

We believe when consumers have access to quality information and reviews they find their journeys enriched by the shared experiences of many others, whether checking on the easiest way in Alaska to reach Denali National Park and Mt. McKinley , or finding the unexpected side to Ketchikan, a popular Alaska destination.

Travel agents provide objectivity and a level of experience that crowd-sourced companies find difficult to match. What they offer many consumers is what they want most: credible and trustworthy advice, period.

Raye & Marty Trencher

For more information on how Certified Cruise & Cruise Tour Experts can help you, call 800.365.1445. The call is free and so is the advice.

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