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Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Princess Cruises launches new brand campaign today with $20 Million TV advertising to drive demand and help grow their business.

January 15, 2014 - Princess Cruises launches new brand campaign today to drive demand and help grow your business.

Cruise Line's New $20 million Advertising Will Appear on Television for the First Time in More Than a Decade.

Introducing the tagline come back new℠, this campaign according to Princess takes back the definition of cruising by focusing on the transformative experience sought by our target audience of "meaningful travelers." These consumers, age 35 and older, want to discover new places, experience new cultures, try new foods from the places they are visiting and learn more about the world they don’t see every day. They want a vacation that's meaningful to their kids as well. They want to return from their Princess Cruises vacation with new friendships, new perspectives, new stories to tell and new memories to share. They want to “come back new.”

The come back new campaign launched today with digital ads. And beginning January 20, Princess Cruises will return to TV advertising with prime time network and cable commercial spots, as well as national magazines. Princess TV ads will run on four networks including CBS, NBC, ABC and Fox on shows such as Nashville, Parenthood, American Idol and CSI. In addition Princess will be seen on a variety of cable networks including the Travel Channel, National Geographic, USA, TNT, AMC and the Food Network just to name a few. You'll also hear Princess on the radio in major markets from coast to coast including California, Washington, Texas, and Florida, as well as online music sites such as Pandora and Spotify.

As an example of their new marketing approach, new copy for their Alaska program reads;
"Some days, it will make you feel impossibly big. Other days, it will make you feel crushingly small. But with time spent sailing past stunning Alaskan glaciers, you will always, always feel. Discover why we’re continually named “Best Cruise Line in Alaska” and why you’ll come back new."

"Discover the sights, sounds and flavors of Alaska in a whole new way"
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